• Moving Announcement

    Moving Announcement

    Moving announcement created for myself.

  • Little Black Dress Bridal Shower

    Little Black Dress Bridal Shower

    Bridal shower invitations designed on kraft paper

  • Viennese Vanilla Cookies

    Viennese Vanilla Cookies

    Out of my curiosity for infographics I created this fun little project for myself…

  • Judah Birth Announcement

    Judah Birth Announcement

    These birth announcements were created to celebrate the birth of little baby Judah…

  • Lauren & Sam Wedding Invitation

    Lauren & Sam Wedding Invitation

    These glamorous custom wedding invitations…

  • Jordan & Katie Couple’s Shower

    Jordan & Katie Couple’s Shower

    A couple’s shower invitation designed around a 4th of July theme.

  • Jordan & Katie : Save The Date

    Jordan & Katie : Save The Date

    These save the date postcards were created to let the friends and family of the couple …

  • Bachelorette Weekend

    Bachelorette Weekend

    A multi-functional bachelorette party invitation…